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PRESS RELEASE: Lexington Junior League Vendor Confusion

July 6, 2020


In light of the confusion surrounding vendors at this year’s Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show, we at Becker Brothers Equestrian Outfitters believe it is necessary to address this to clear up any rumors. After clarifying the situation with the Horse Show Chair, circumstances regarding vendors subsequently changed due to USEF and state Covid-19 regulations earlier this year after the standard vendor applications were released. In accordance with these new rules, all essential personnel were changed to video and live feed employees, the horse show photographer and staff, all grounds crew members and tack shops.

In order to be impartial and follow the set USEF and state Covid-19 regulations, the show determined social distancing could not adequately be maintained; and therefore, made the decision to alter vendor admittance to solely tack shops. All other vendors were barred from setting up within the designated area known as the “Gaited Gallery”, as well as the outside grounds. As clothiers are not tack shops, we were all deemed unessential and asked not to come prior to the beginning of the show. The official statement from May 7, 2020 relaying the no vendor policy was as follows:

“We are proceeding with the July 2020 Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show, but we will be doing so in a very limited capacity[...]The safety, health, and well being of the entire horse show family – including our vendors – is our top priority. Accordingly, with a spectator-free show, we are not going to host our Gaited Gallery this year to best meet recommended social distancing protocols.”

Any complaints alluded to in social media posts were not made by any member of the Becker Brothers team.

Becker Brothers Equestrian Outfitters has never been a vendor within the “Gaited Gallery” at Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show as our storefront is 20 minutes from the show grounds. We remain a yearly sponsor in order to show our support for the industry. Being a part of the Saddlebred, Morgan and Arabian industries, our singular focus is to provide the best service and product for our customers. We continue to support our fellow small businesses during this difficult time and will continue to follow all government and USEF rules and regulations regarding Covid-19.

Good luck to all participants at the 2020 Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show.

Mallory Hartigan

Marketing | Social Media Manager

Becker Brothers LLC

Press Release - Lexington Jr League Vend
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